Thursday, February 4, 2010

Camp Hearne Diary - January 28, 2010

Forgive these late "data-dump" posts, but I am just getting use to blogging (and I bet there is a different term you techies use) --- Anyway, Melissa Freeman and Cathy Lazarus introduced our Camp Hearne vision to a group of 7th grade teachers attending the Region VI Texas History Conference in Huntsville. Our presentation seemed to go very well and we are pleased with the comments and even had some praise for our efforts. We will be putting most of this online at --- Matt and Jim took Thursday off due to an all day rain forecast. Of course did not rain, but they spent some time with Dr. Waters at A&M and reviewed the original diagrams and photographs from his collection. This was to achieve the original building "aesthetics" as possible. What I appreciate about these craftsmen is that they try very hard to mimic the look without sacrificing structural soundness. Obviously we want the building to last much longer that the original barrack plan's "20 year lifespan".